Aimee's White Chicken Chili

Fall is the perfect time of year for hearty meals like chili... and I've been craving some chicken chili lately!  I made this dish for us last night, and it did not disappoint!  In fact, Connor loved it, too.  (I adapted this recipe from here and here.)

Aimee’s White Chicken Chili

Olive oil
2 lbs. boneless skinless chicken breast, cubed
4 tsp. ground cumin
1 tsp. dried oregano
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. pepper
2 Tbsp. onion powder
3-4 tsp. minced garlic
4 c. (2 cans) reduced-sodium chicken broth
4 15-oz. cans Great Northern beans
1 sm. can diced mild green chilies
2 11-oz. cans whole kernel corn
2 c. (1 bag) KRAFT Mexican Cheddar Jack cheese, shredded
1 c. sour cream
Cilantro, chopped

Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat.
Add cubed chicken, cumin, oregano, salt, pepper, & onion powder.
Cook approximately 5-7 minutes, or until chicken is cooked through.
Add minced garlic to the chicken, and cook for an additional 2-3 minutes.
To a large soup pot, add cooked chicken, chicken broth, beans, corn, & chilies.
Bring mixture to a boil.
Once at a boil turn to low heat, cover, and simmer for about 15 minutes.
Uncover, add cheese and sour cream, and stir until melted/mixed together.
Spoon into bowls, and sprinkle with cilantro… enjoy!
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